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Providing a window into the body's inner workings for studying diseases and evaluating treatments.

The Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR) focuses on the development of unique magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy methodologies and instrumentation. Technology of ultrahigh magnetic fields for imaging the human body are being developed here and constitute some of the most important tools used today to study system-level organ function and physiology in humans.

Since 2008, we have partnered with the University to improve the CMRR building and its operations throughout multiple phased renovations. Most recently, we provided an addition and interior renovations for a new 7-tesla MRI suite, research labs, animal surgery suite, and new office space. These updates will help CMRR focus on optical imaging and brain science by mapping the detailed circuits that underlie sensation, perception, and complex behaviors in the developing and mature brain. State-of-the-art optical imaging and optical stimulation techniques will study brain health, injury, and disease, targeting conditions such as Alzheimer's, epilepsy, autism, stroke, and vascular dementia.

All renovation and addition work was conducted while the building was occupied, including a complex interior demolition that removed 245 tons of steel and 200 tons of concrete/masonry. This work included detailed disruption avoidance planning and control measures to mitigate dust, vibrations, and protect the ultra-sensitive research and equipment within and surrounding the facility. Additionally, since CMRR houses nine MRI machines, the team needed to precisely plan the location of all construction materials and equipment containing alloy metals to avoid impacting active magnetic fields.

With focused preplanning and a deep understanding of the facility and its operations, we were able to maximize the schedule and budget and provide an office addition, not originally part of the project. This provided a much-needed resource to further support the research and study conducted at the CMRR.   

Facts And Figures

University of Minnesota

$51,300,000 (across three phases)

99,000 Square Feet (across three phases)

May 2021 (Phase 3)

April 2012 (Phase 2)

October 2009 (Phase 1)

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