Avin Kallenbach and David Mortenson on construction site


I am eager to learn and have a meaningful relationship with friends, co-workers, and customers.

Building Meaningful Customer Relationships

When choosing the projects we pursue, it is important that our cultures and visions align with our customers. When we have shared goals, it creates a foundation for trust and a successful partnership that makes my job a joy. I am motivated to go beyond to provide an amazing customer experience.

When first starting a project, I strive to understand my customer’s unique needs and goals. Listening becomes my priority, as it allows me to gather valuable insights and tailor my approach accordingly. Exceptional service is the key to building long-lasting relationships, and I'm committed to providing nothing short of that.

A Culture of Care and Mutual Support 

As an executive, I recognize that my success is intertwined with the success of my team. It takes a collective effort from various departments and team members to reach our goals. I believe in showing gratitude and acknowledging the contributions of those who have supported me along the way.

I strive to create a high-performing team and foster a culture of care and mutual support. Work-life balance is crucial, but I also advocate for a "work hard, play hard" approach. I know the importance of putting in the effort to achieve success, and I want to see my team members thrive. By setting them up for success and being transparent about project expectations, we can accomplish great things together.

Making a Positive Impact

It is important to me to be an active volunteer in my community and use my skills and resources to make a positive impact. I serve as a planning commissioner for the city of Woodbury, leveraging my building expertise to ensure responsible community development. 

Mortenson supports some of my favorite causes such as diversity in the construction industry, STEM programs, Hearts for Hammers, and the American Heart Association's Heart Walk. These opportunities allow me to inspire and guide others, just like someone did for me. I'm committed to giving back and making a difference in the lives of others.

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One organization that is near and dear to my heart is the American Heart Association (AHA). My son James was born with TAPVR, a congenital heart defect, and required open-heart surgery within 24 hours of his birth. It was a scary time but thanks to the research and education provided by organizations like the AHA early detection and treatments get better every day. For the 2023 Minneapolis Heart Walk, I led Mortenson’s volunteer efforts for the second year. We proudly recruited over 200 walkers and raised $52,000.

Watch James and Avin on Fox 9 to talk about the 2023 Twin Cities Heart Walk


  • Hiking
  • Boxing
  • Anything to get me up and moving

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and moved to the U.S. in 1997. My career at Mortenson has led me to Fargo, ND; Madison, WI; and my family and I are now setting roots in Woodbury, MN.


  • Planning Commission for City of Woodbury
  • American Heart Association
  • Hearts and Hammers

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