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Fast Response Cutter Homeport Upgrades  / HonoluluHI
Here's what happened when the Hawaii Coast Guard received the new Fast Response Cutter fleet.

This project at USCG Base Honolulu is part of the U.S. Coast Guard’s larger initiative to prepare for the introduction of their new Fast Response Cutters (FRCs) at various locations throughout the country.

The design-build project scope involves both new construction and renovation and includes the construction of an 8,300 SF one-story building for the Maintenance Augmentation Team (MAT), interior renovations to the existing consolidated supply warehouse building, upgrades to shore ties at Berths C and D, site work, and crew parking for the homeport of Fast Response Cutters (FRC) at Base Honolulu, Hawaii.

The new MAT building provides space for shops, storage, offices, laundry, changing areas/restrooms, and support spaces for mechanical and telecommunications. Site work includes utilities, walkways, landscaping, pavement, and relocation of children’s play equipment.

Facts And Figures

United States Coast Guard

Completed May 2015


8,300 square feet

LEED Certified - Silver

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Quarterly Safety Award - NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, 2005