Woodward to Thistle Transmission Line Project
Woodward to Thistle Transmission Line Project / WoodwardOK
How do you cross the country with transmission lines?

Mortenson was selected to provide “Construct Only” services for 76 miles of double-circuit 345kV transmission line. The scope of work Mortenson is responsible for is 474 drilled pier concrete foundations ranging from 7’ to 12’ in diameter and 18’ to 50’ deep, setting 474 steel structures, and stringing the overhead wire along the route. The transmission line project starts at the Woodward EHV District Substation, 12 miles south of Woodward, Oklahoma, and runs to the Oklahoma/Kansas border about two miles southeast of Hardtner, Kansas.

This project selection was a success due largely in part to Mortenson’s commitment to our safety and quality culture and our state-of-the-art stringing equipment.

Construction for this project commenced in October 2013, with estimated completion in September 2014.

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