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Bruce LePage, LEED AP
Market Director | Denver

As the Healthcare Market Director, Bruce provides oversight and leadership to Mortenson’s Denver office specific to the healthcare market sector. In his role, he ensures that projects are properly resourced and the client’s expectations are fully met through successful planning to first-patient. His leadership is based on a long and successful track record in the industry that includes several large, world-class greenfield hospital projects. Trust, collaboration, and commitment to meeting customer expectations are his most important attributes. Bruce takes pride in being actively involved in projects from start to finish.

Intentional team-building

Leaders in the construction industry today need to be thoughtful and flexible when working with team members, customers and partners. Great leadership comes from knowing what individual strengths exist on your team and empowering those around you to use their strengths to the best of their ability. If we’re intentional in how we assemble our teams, we can create highly functional, productive and engaged project teams that generate mutually beneficial outcomes.

Bruce LePage
Bruce LePage

Innovating the future

Our leadership at Mortenson places huge value on advancing the construction industry, whether it’s through technological innovations or creating thoughtful new solutions for challenges like workforce development or overcoming the diversity gap in construction. Standing still will get you left behind, so Mortenson is constantly looking for ways to keep moving forward by incorporating fresh ideas and creative problem-solving.

People-centered practices

In construction, our end product is a health-centered and healing environment, but it’s critical to remember that the success of the physical structure is ultimately determined by how the end users – the people – experience the building. We keep people at the forefront through the entire process, creating trust-based relationships with our customers, getting to know them and making sure that we’re considering how our projects will genuinely help to meet the needs of the audiences they serve and the communities in which a project resides.

Bruce LePage

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