Dan Johnson


Our culture is fundamentally the most important torch we can pass to future generations.

Rapid change, transformative opportunity

Rapid change is today's reality. It's also our biggest opportunity. Mortenson embraces change by staying agile and investing in the technology, people and transformative building approaches that allow us to create new value for customers and offer more career paths for our team members.

Your investment should achieve more

We are capable of building the most complex projects, but every project – no matter how large or small – is critically important to your organization. That’s why we steward each project as if it were our own. We ensure your capital investment will achieve more than you imagined. And ultimately, we believe that what we build should deliver better business results for your organization. Our approach, based on partnership and trust, allows us to solve any problem together. That’s how we create deep, authentic customer relationships last for as many as 30 years or more.

Taking responsibility to improve the future

Fewer people understand the opportunities in building professions from real estate development to the trades – particularly women and minorities. We can’t rest until we’ve added to the voices in our industry. Change starts right here, right now, with us. At Mortenson, anybody can become anything they want to be. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’ll be encouraged to try new things, push the boundaries – and be part of the team that’s changing the world and building the most revolutionary projects.

Mortenson culture at its best

Every interaction with Mortenson should feel smart, caring and motivating. Our culture at its best is reflected in the core principles of our LeadBLU program: Do the right thing, We before me, and Inspire what’s possible. Our people are problem-solvers who are ready to make a difference – for our customers, in our community, and for one another. As a result, we come prepared to enable our customer’s success, and we aspire to build a better world.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is not new to Mortenson. We've been on this journey for several years. Recent events sparked renewed recognition and outrage over continued systemic racism and inequity. Like many others, we were compelled to re-examine our efforts and put in place several steps to speed up our progress, not just in our company but also in the industry and in our communities.

One of these steps includes “Time for Change,” a coalition of leaders from major contractors across the U.S. Together, we’re working to drive systemic change on a national scale in our industry. Our plan includes launching the industry's first-ever Diversity & Inclusion Week in the Fall of 2021. Though our work is just getting started, I am very excited and inspired as our team members rise to the challenge.


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35 years

Launching our Advanced Leadership Development program, as well as LeadBLU, our leadership excellence program for all Mortenson team members.


Board of Directors 

Construction Industry Roundtable (CIRT)

National Academy of Construction (NAC)

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