Julie Crawford


The way that we show up, respond to our customers’ needs, and show a genuine interest in their success builds implicit trust. It’s through that trust that we are given the opportunity to walk beside them and be their partner.

Redefining Industry Expectations

Construction is an industry where things have been done in the same way for a long time, but let’s not assume that this is the way things have to stay. I know that I don’t have to show up like everyone did before me. And I know that every project has its own unique challenges. At Mortenson, we challenge ourselves to think of new ways to help our customers and partners further their business goals. We build connections through authentic communication, as we work together to bring their visions to life.

The Value of Implicit Trust

The way our team members show up each day builds the implicit trust that is key to successful partnerships with our customers. I don’t want a customer to hire Mortenson because we have the flashiest presentation, or join them on the most golf outings each year. I want them to hire Mortenson because they can’t imagine doing a project without us. And we get to that point by being excellent in everything that we do, every day. At the heart of this is empathy. If you demonstrate through your actions that you understand others and their position – where they’re coming from and what they need – even before they know they need it, you’re going to get to that place of implicit trust.

Julie Crawford
Julie Crawford

Changing the Landscape

The biggest change I’d like to see in the industry is more women in construction at all levels - it is an exceptionally rewarding profession. My daughter has already borne the weight from her peers of being a girl who is unexpectedly good at math. We need to set a better example for our future leaders. I hope kids see me and say, “Look at her, she works in construction. Maybe I can do it too.” It’s about making sure everyone knows what’s possible, and taking tangible steps to grow career opportunities for a more diverse group of talented leaders in our industry to best serve our community.


Raising my two children to be awesome humans.


  • The Great Outdoors—Hiking, backpacking, and camping.
  • Gardening—We have a great vegetable garden at our house with apple trees, wild berries, and a chicken coop.
  • Reading—I’m an avid reader. I love my book club and always up for discussing a good read.


18 years


  • ASHE (member)
  • Women's Health Leadership Trust (member)

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