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Great leadership takes vision, courage and empathy. Teams need a clear purpose, decisive action and a supportive and inclusive environment.

Commitment to People

True leadership is a genuine commitment to people. At Mortenson, there is a understanding that people are the most valuable asset. We prioritize the well-being and growth of our team members above all else, fostering a culture where everyone feels supported and valued. We dedicate significant resources to this effort, creating an environment where every team member can thrive personally and professionally. 

Mortenson Portland Team
Mortenson Portland Team at event

Innovation in Integration

Our team strives to lead with innovation and foresight. Integrating manufacturing and industrialized construction processes allows us to coordinate every detail, paving the way for substantial progress before on-site work begins. By applying modern manufacturing techniques to prefabrication and modularization, we save time, reduce costs, and increase quality, all while improving safety outcomes. This fosters an overwhelmingly positive experience for both our customers and our on-site field team.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Construction is a lot like problem-solving. It is complex, and you have to be strategic about how you fit everything together to get the best outcome for all parties involved. Our job is to figure out how these different pieces come together to achieve our goals, which requires collaboration and teamwork. We all have one common objective, and it’s about figuring out how to reach it together, pooling our expertise and efforts for success.

Pat Clemons family


Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to have had a few people who took the time to guide and mentor me along the way. I feel a strong responsibility to pay it forward to the next wave of construction professionals. Taking time to encourage curiosity, build engagement and foster development in team members that may be earlier in their careers has become my passion and I frequently encourage others to do the same.


Boise State University
B.S., Construction Management

26 Years


  • DBIA National Award of Excellence for Hyatt Regency Portland
  • Portland Business Journal Project of the Year Award for Hyatt Regency Portland
  • Portland Business Journal Commercial Real Estate Transformer Award for Hyatt Regency Portland
  • Hospitality Development of the Year Award for Hyatt Regency Portland


Board member for SafeBuild Alliance
Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI)

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