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Strategically located throughout the country, our Community Empowerment professionals are ready to help you take your project, your business or your career to the next level.

Lynn Littlejohn
Lynn Littlejohn
Corporate Headquarters
763.287.5649 | Send an Email
Jess Branch bio photo
Jess Branch
Corporate Headquarters
763.710.6899 | Send an Email

Brooke Kelly
630.361.0285 | Send an Email

Ale Spray
720.548.1436 | Send an Email

Shanae Phillips
Minneapolis + Sports
763.287.3631 | Send an Email
Kate Maples
Kate Maples
Salt Lake City
207.659.2010 | Send an Email

Lindsay Verdugo
503.423.7766 | Send an Email
Stephanie Abla
Stephanie Abla
425-497-7041 | Send an Email

Aaron Britt
763.287.5282 | Send an Email

Joe Proulx
Data Centers
763.287.5171 | Send an Email
Erin Saewert
Erin Saewert
Energy Storage Solutions
763.287.5146 | Send an Email
Ryan Spangberg
Ryan Spangberg
Federal Contracting
571.766.0494 | Send an Email

Robb Altendorf
Power Delivery Solutions
612.490.3278 | Send an Email
Luke Carlson
Luke Carlson 
763.287.5248 | Send an Email

Brent Borntrager
763.287.5752 | Send an Email