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A career in construction isn't just about building structures, it's about building a better you

Celebrate Careers in Construction Month in October and learn about how the construction industry offers endless opportunities in sectors like renewable energy, infrastructure, healthcare, and beyond.

Find a career that offers great pay and unmatched growth opportunities that will change your life. Mortenson believes that partnership and collaborative ingenuity are the keys to unlocking potential – whether we're called to a job site or a boardroom. Read 5 reasons Mortenson team members love the industry and why you should choose a Career in Construction.

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5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Construction

I started as an ICC with Mortenson but after three years transitioned from that role to field management and worked my way from project engineer to my current role as a project manager. What is most fulfilling about construction management is being able to evaluate and influence design, then ultimately plan and manage the construction process to bring a design to life.

3. Job Satisfaction

It's not a 9-5 desk job; any background or talent has a place in the construction industry.
Whether you have a certificate or a degree in engineering or communications, Mortenson has opportunities you will have pride in and find fulfillment in. Earn above the national average salary, using your talent in a way you never knew possible. We've been voted "Best Place to Work" 40+ times regionally over the past decade because we redefine possible.

4. Life-changing Opportunities

Meet people and go places you've only dreamt of.
Different states, new heights, and new perspectives are always on the horizon with Mortenson. Always on the forefront of the newest construction industry technology and innovations, we have construction careers popping up wherever you live and in unexpected locations all over the US.

5. Make an Impact

Wind turbines, solar panel installation, and Zero Net Carbon buildings that change skylines are all projects you can be a part of.
Knowing what you are building is for the greater good of the environment and humanity, is empowering. With the renewable energy sector growing at unprecedented rates, join a team that's Building for the Greater Good. Mortenson is consistently rated a top construction company in the US, which means we need people like you to continue the legacy of building what's next.

Not only have I become financially independent, but mentally I'm just so much stronger. I am able to chase after my goals. I'm doing a project management course right now and looking to expand my skills. I have discovered a passion for the industry and making it more accessible to women and people of color. The possibilities are endless in this industry and you can make it what you want it to be.
Leilanna, Operator

Our Mission 

We focus on solutions, drive value through innovative thinking, and cultivate lasting partnerships to bring our customers’ dreams into reality. Check out our projects.

Inspired by our Values 

We consider the long-term health and vitality of all stakeholders, including our planet, in all we do and strive to make a positive impact today, and for generations to come.

Led by Outstanding Teams 

We believe that we were all born to be leaders and offer endless opportunities for team members to grow and develop to reach their full potential.

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