Our MEP superintendents and their data center builds are different than what you might expect

We focus our MEP Superintendents on either electrical or mechanical and controls — and then expect them to know how to build around their system

Our MEP superintendents are experts in their systems, either electrical or mechanical and controls. We let them focus on the scopes to drive the project forward, find efficiencies, elevate team success, and innovate with our customers.

We don't ask them to do the structure and enclosure of a building, but they understand the interior build-out — or are willing to learn — once we start the interior finishes. It's the framing, drywall, in-wall rough-ins, and understanding how all of those components not only align together but where the MEP fits in. From the slab-on-grade to the final finishes to the completion of the electrical equipment or the mechanical equipment.

We take a program-focused approach with our data center customers, and we do full-campus build-outs that last up to eight years.

Our campus build-out approach means our successes get better and better as we progress through each building. The lessons learned on the previous build are applied almost immediately on the next one. How many times do you wrap up a project and think, "What could we have done differently? How could we have improved it? Where are the efficiencies?" and wish you had the opportunity to do it again? With our campus builds, you can.

These campuses aren't just one-and-done builds. It's all about the relationships we build. We're potentially working with the same trade partners for the next eight years (which is how long an average campus build timeline looks like). We focus a lot of our efforts on those relationships because it's how we deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Our customers are obsessed with continuous improvement, celebrating wins, and providing an above and beyond working experience for our team members.

Continuous improvement on these campus builds by far is one of the most rewarding aspects for our MEP superintendents. Whether it's their flow schedule development, our last planner, or our 5 S. And when we find ways to fix something or improve it, and then implement it on the next build, our customer celebrates it. And they help us celebrate it because it has a real impact on morale, how we're completing work, and ultimately the bottom line.

On top of that, the working conditions themselves are above and beyond what you'd expect. Supervisory team members aren't in a trailer complex and get access to other unique perks. Our customers focus on providing the best working environments and couple it with continuously improving to become better. And frankly, it's how we're able to attract and retain our team members.

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