Cammy Gidio

Cammy is a safety manager on our solar team where she continues to build our safety culture and focus on why we build safely. She talks about how the Mortenson culture allows us to approach work differently and how we're all responsible for the safety of each other.

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How we build our safety culture and drive engagement

Cammy sat down with Bobbi and Justin from our talent team to talk about how her experience working on our solar team and how she engages on-site. She dives into the practices and programs we use, how we approach our team members, and ultimately why safety permeates throughout the organization from the field to the C-suite.

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Highlights from our conversation with Cammy

We're influencing behavioral change and impacting our workforce in measurable ways

Our Zero Injury culture runs through everything we do — from each individual to our CEO. It impacts our workforce and drives down our metrics in a very strategic way. We can measure deliverables and measure outcomes from our company-wide efforts.

Our safety programs empower team members from the crew to supervisory positions

We view everyone as a safety leader here. And everyone has an obligation to safety. We're strengthening our team relationships and the why behind working safe — even when no one is looking.

Our safety engagement is driven by working with people from a collaborative, humanistic perspective

Accountability is as important as getting to the root cause of a situation. We're not blaming and pointing fingers, but finding out how to prevent incidents from happening in the future to our team members. We're all human and we need to take an objective approach to solve problems.

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