Kendra Lyons

Kendra Lyons is a safety manager on our federal team where she's instilling our Zero Injury culture with our craft workforce and trade partners. She explains in detail why planning and pre-task planning sets Mortenson up for project success.

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Why planning and pre-task planning are pivotal to our Zero Injury culture

Kendra talks about how Mort's vision for zero injuries on our projects was an inspiration to her and how she builds rapport with our craft workforce. The importance of understanding how work is being installed has been critical for her throughout her journey at Mortenson and helps her identify potential solutions to a challenge before they start work.

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Highlights from our conversation with Kendra

Our commitment to building our Zero Injury culture started in 1995 with Mort Mortenson

Our Zero Injury culture runs through everything we do — from each individual to our CEO. It impacts our workforce and drives down our metrics in a very strategic way. We can measure deliverables and measure outcomes from our company-wide efforts.

Safety starts with planning and pre-task planning

Each craft crew is assigned a safety sponsor that is on the supervisory team. They're the go-to person for that crew to help our craft team members with the overall work plan, and then going into the details of daily pre-task planning to identify any hazards or impact to their work.

Understanding how work is installed and the approach means we can identify how to complete it safely, earlier

Accountability is as important as getting to the root cause of a situation. In order to identify at-risk behavior, we need to understand the how and why of work. Building rapport and understanding goes further than placing blame - especially if you don't grasp the task at hand.

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