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We can build a better future for the next generation and encourage their interest in construction and in science by passing on our own experience. Catch the Wind and Catch the Sun teach children about wind and solar energy, introduce them to careers in construction, and provide Mortenson teams with a unique opportunity to build relationships within the communities in which we work.

Within the pages of our books, you will discover wind and solar energy with Mortenson Construction and an inquisitive boy named Nels. Catch the Wind and Catch the Sun tie into grade-appropriate science curriculum through exploring renewable energy.

This series is a nonprofit effort courtesy of Mortenson Construction. Proceeds will be donated to nonprofit entities promoting the development and use of renewable energies.

Ask About Our School Visit Program

Do you know students who are interested in learning about renewable energy and constructing renewable energy projects? Do you know teachers who could set aside one hour for an engaging presentation in their classroom? If so, then the Mortenson Construction School Visit Program is perfect for you!

Our books - Catch the Wind and Catch the Sun - and the corresponding School Visit Program, are best suited for students in grades 3-5, but we can tailor presentations to younger and older audiences. Our one-hour presentation may align with the following academic standards:Science Standard Categories:The Nature of Science and Engineering: The Practice of Engineering The Nature of Science and Engineering: Interactions Among Science, Engineering, Technology and Society Physical Science: EnergyEarth Science: Human Interactions with Earth Systems Trades and Industry Technology Standard:Bring real-life application and science and construction career paths to a level elementary-age children can understand.


We would like to offer a visit to your school to introduce ourselves and to explain the importance of the renewable energy projects to our economy and environment, and how we construct them. Please contact us to inquire about a visit to your school.


"The presentation helped our kids get a better understanding of wind energy and the entire wind farm project. It is wonderful for our students to gain more insight into what is happening around them in our community."
Principal Dan Nau, Sunburst Elementary, Sunburst, MT

"MidAmerican Energy has enjoyed participating in Mortenson’s Catch the Wind program…The Catch the Wind book and DVD are useful, educational, well-written and age-appropriate."
Adam Wright, Vice President - Wind Development, MidAmerican Energy Company

"The students and teachers had good feedback on your presentation. They learned new things about renewable energy and they were challenged to conserve energy and remember that when they work together in groups, they are developing skills they will need later in their work environment. Thanks for that message!"
Susan Degroot, 5th grade teacher, Chatham Christian School, Chatham, Ontario

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Catch the Wind

Introducing elementary students to wind energy.

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Catch the Sun

Introducing elementary students to solar energy.


Midwest Book Award for Catch the Sun Children’s Book

Catch the Sun children's book was nominated as finalist and won the 24th Annual Midwest Book Award for the Education and Learning category.