Allegiant Stadium Construction Sets Community Benefits Benchmark
Allegiant Stadium

Mortenson | McCarthy, the construction team responsible for building Allegiant Stadium, today issued the community benefits final report for the project. Construction of the new $2 billion home for the Las Vegas Raiders was completed in July 2020 on time and on budget and exceeded all community benefit goals. The project delivered industry-leading workforce diversity, exceeded local, small, and women & minority-owned business goals, and established a new industry benchmark in sports construction and for Southern Nevada. It also successfully created long-lasting opportunities for diverse local businesses and its more than 12,000-person craft workforce. 

“The Raiders are thankful to Mortenson | McCarthy, the leaders of this community and the incredibly diverse workforce that built Allegiant Stadium,” said Raiders President Marc Badain. “To be able to design and build a stadium on time and on budget is a tremendous feat and to deliver on that vision with a workforce that is reflective of the community and exceeds all community benefit goals is a source of great pride.” 

Mortenson | McCarthy committed to providing opportunities to participate in and benefit from the construction of Allegiant Stadium to a broad and diverse membership of the community including females and people of color; small, minority and women owned businesses, and other identified groups. The opportunities created also helped establish a lasting benefit and community legacy that will be continued through the operation of the stadium and across other construction projects in Nevada. 

“Our goal is to leave the communities where we build better off through business growth, employment opportunities and stewardship,” said Lynn Littlejohn, vice president of community affairs at Mortenson. “To reflect the diverse nature of the Las Vegas community, Mortenson | McCarthy was committed to providing targeted opportunities on the Allegiant Stadium project for those who are underrepresented in the industry, including people of color, women, veterans, and people with disabilities. Many workers gained vital skills and experiences that they can rely upon for the next project, their next opportunity.” 

Results were achieved through a comprehensive approach including proactive planning, community engagement and outreach, mentoring and technical assistance, internships and more. 


  • The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) goal for the construction of Allegiant Stadium was 15%, established per the Nevada State Legislature. The project SBE achieved was 23%.
  • $1.3 billion dollars of work was awarded with $297 million awarded to SBE firms.
  • 169 different SBE firms were awarded work on the project; 48 with multiple contracts.
  • 70% of all firms awarded work were Nevada based.
  • $86.4 million dollars were awarded to 42 different women and minority-owned firms.
  • The 12,000-person workforce was 63% minority/female and 2% veteran, with approximately 7M workforce hours. 80% of the workforce were local Nevada residents.
  • There were 1,076 apprentices on the project with 858,093 hours (14%) worked. 

“I attribute the bulk of our success to the oversight provided by the joint venture to ensure mentorship was progressing as intended. Now I can earn work based on our proven performance and capabilities,” said Heather Avila, President and CEO, at Live Electric, a Las Vegas business involved in the project. 

“We take pride in helping to create a more equitable playing field for our business and workforce partners. Authentic change is what we strive to create and the sustaining legacy we leave when the job is done,” said Logan Gerken, Vice President and General Manager at Mortenson. 

Read the full report here.


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