Building a Talent Pipeline for Women: The Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Construction

As the landscape of our city is changing, so is the landscape of the builders behind each of these projects. In the last five years, a shift in the industry has been taking place. Viewed traditionally as a male-dominated field, the number of women both managing projects and in craftworker roles has slowly been increasing. 

Women are now integrated across all facets of a construction project from project engineers to superintendents and laborers to electricians. At Mortenson, 34% of our workforce is women and nearly 10% of our craftworkers are women. 

To continue to build a talented pipeline of women entering the industry, we need to expose our youth, especially girls, to the opportunities for career pathways in the industry. Mortenson's Angela Brzowski shared her thoughts in the Milwaukee Business Journal's Table of Experts on The Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Construction.