Construction Career Paths & Advancement Opportunities
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A prime time to explore construction careers

Regardless of where you look right now, there’s probably a construction project happening nearby. 

The need for infrastructure updates, more green buildings and renewable energy resources are just a few of the priorities fueling construction in small towns and metropolitan areas across the country. In fact, the construction market is forecasted to continue growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5.3% over the next four years. 

With growth comes opportunity. 

Whether you’re an experienced professional considering a career change or a recent graduate evaluating career paths, the construction industry provides unique benefits and opportunities that can help fast-track a successful, rewarding career.

Multiple ways to find your career path

While those doing the physical work of building are the most visible part of the business, career opportunities extend far beyond the jobsite. A diverse team is essential to conduct the business of acquiring and building each construction project — including Project Managers, Superintendents, Project Engineers, Marketing Professionals, Estimators, Schedulers, Safety engineers, and many other titles. 

Having a degree can be helpful but a formal education may not be required for certain positions and career progression opportunities in the construction industry. 

Construction Coordinator roles at Mortenson are a great example. Construction Coordinator I roles provide a steppingstone for craft (trades), administrators and others with an aptitude towards construction that are interested in pursuing a project management career path but don’t have a degree. Construction Coordinator II roles provide entry paths to a project management career for those with a degree that is not in science, math, or engineering.

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Experiences and community benefits to accelerate your career

Being confined to a single location for a job is not for everyone. For those who relish new adventures and want a career with mobility, dedicated construction project teams often relocate to the locations where their projects are being built. These teams also provide unique opportunities you’re likely not going to find working in other industries. 

Most dedicated project teams are intermixed over time to match unique skillsets to project attributes. As a member of these tight-knit communities, you’ll have access to a diverse group of coworkers to expand your knowledge and professional network. It’s easier to ask questions of colleagues or pick up the phone to reconnect with those who may have been reassigned to another project.

At Mortenson, traveling teams also create a familial culture that provides a sense of community and a shared commitment to help each other improve while instilling strong leadership skills on the jobsite. Traveling teams can offer flexible schedules in some cases — such as three weeks on and five days off — to regularly explore new areas and experiences. 

Plus, working in multiple locations with one company demonstrates a higher level of commitment and drive to fuel your career path. When hiring managers see this progression on a resume, they know you are more likely to be considered for leadership positions when the opportunity arises. 

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Build a new career on relevant skills and experience

Regardless of your experience level, the construction industry is a great option if you want a new career with growth potential and an excellent salary. For those newer to the job market to mid-career professionals, there are plenty of positions ranging from internships to senior-level roles. 

Depending on the position, construction experience may not necessarily be a requirement. In fact, while partner industries such as architecture and engineering provide a more linear path for candidates, some of the top talent at Mortenson has come from entirely unrelated fields.

For example, we have hired autonomous engineers, chemical sales representatives, food service strategists, military leaders, and wireless carrier technologists who possessed skillsets relevant to those needed for construction. In addition to bringing a strong work ethic, their unique backgrounds and experiences have fostered innovations to enhance our processes and created new opportunities to help grow the business.  

Our founder Mort Mortenson believed we were all born to be leaders and every Mortenson team member is part of keeping that legacy alive. We support that legacy and career progression through our company values, leadership development training, and coaching opportunities that are accessible and clear to everyone in the organization.

The perfect time for a career in construction

If you’re looking for a new challenge and have the motivation to step into a career with tons of growth potential, networking and travel opportunities, and excellent benefits, it’s an excellent time to explore a construction industry career. 

And remember, a lack of construction experience or a related degree shouldn’t hinder your vision and sense of curiosity. A strong work ethic, desire to be part of a team and belief in the power of a job well done can lead to a construction career trajectory that will take you as far as you want to go.

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