Mortenson Provides Industry-Leading New Benefits for Craft Team Members
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Committed to supporting every team member

The safety and well-being of every team member is the foremost obligation at Mortenson. Our industry-leading commitment requires ongoing evaluation of its wellness programs and resources to ensure team members have the resources and support they need.

As the latest example of this enduring commitment, Mortenson recently announced a robust new benefits package for its non-union Craft team members* that includes:

  • More Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Paid parental and maternity leave
  • Increased short-term disability
  • Increased life insurance
  • Free mental health care
*Craft team members who are part of a labor union receive benefits directly from their union and not Mortenson.

Finding the path to more meaningful benefits

While Mortenson already offered competitive benefits for our non-union team members, we engaged with multiple stakeholders across the organization to understand how benefits were perceived and what was most valuable to team members.

As a result of those conversations, Mortenson decided to go beyond being competitive within the construction industry and make a significant investment to deliver the most meaningful benefits package in the company’s history.

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“Our team members happiness and well-being define Mortenson’s success. We want to be ‘the place’ to work for Craft workers in our industry,” said Robin Ritter, Chief Human Resources Officer. “With this investment, we’re making sure our Craft team members are fully supported to perform their best work and live their best lives every day.”

- Robin Ritter, CHRO

New non-union Craft benefit details

In addition to the existing benefits package that includes nine paid holidays, tuition reimbursement, a dependent scholarship program, no-cost mental wellness resources, and more, all Mortenson non-union Craft team members will receive the following new benefits** starting in January 2024:

Increased Paid Time Off (PTO)

Time off is the most popular benefit for craft team members. Currently, every non-union Mortenson Craft team member with under 8 years of service receives 10 days of PTO. Starting in January 2024, each non-union Craft team member will receive:

2 additional days of PTO after just 1 year of service and an additional 2 days every 2 years after that date.

As a result, craft team members will earn 18 days of PTO by the time they get to 7 years of service. This change, combined with including rehire service, will ensure more time for team members to rest, recover, and spend time with loved ones so they can be at their best at home and at work.

Two week paid parental leave

As part of providing more time off for team members, the new Craft benefits package also provides 2 weeks (10 days) of paid parental leave so new parents have more time to bond with their children.

All new parents with at least 6 months of Mortenson service will be able to take this time in 1-day increments during the first 6 months following a birth, adoption, or foster placement.

100% paid maternity leave

Birth mothers also receive enhanced benefits that provide 10 weeks total maternity leave. In addition to the 2 weeks paid parental leave, this includes 100% paid short-term disability maternity benefits for weeks 2 through 8 following the birth of their child.

Increased short-term disability

Short-term disability benefits will now be 100% paid by Mortenson and no longer require an election. Team members with a short-term disability will receive 70% of their base pay for weeks 2 through 8 of their disability with continuing benefits for up to 26 weeks.

Increased life insurance

The new benefits package also includes major enhancements to life insurance coverage. Effective 1/1/2024, all team members will receive a $50,000 life insurance benefit at no cost beginning on their first day of service.

New optional life insurance will also be available for purchase:

  • Up to $500,000 for team members
  • Up to $100,000 for team member spouses
  • $10,000 for each team member child

Free mental health care

A confidential and anonymous mental health solution is provided at no cost for all team members, spouses, and dependents (age 6-26) — including personalized care and dedicated support, wellness exercises, work-life services, coaching and more.

**Other qualifications and details may apply.