New Women in Sports
WIC Week 2021
WIC Week 2021 Sports Team

Melanie Traylor

Project Nashville MLS

Role MEP field engineer

Hometown Laguna Hills, California

School University of Colorado, Boulder

Fun fact In college I would roller blade to and from class.

What are you excited for in 2021? Getting the most out of Nashville in the summer! Visiting all the cool waterfalls near Nashville and camping & hiking in the smoky mountains.

What’s one thing you’ve learned since starting with Mortenson? Microsoft teams > zoom

How do you approach your job differently than those around you? I’m very reliant on help from others since I didn’t know hardly anything about my scopes or even construction when I started, so I try to take the time to help other people on the job whenever possible.


Hannah Anderson

Project St. Louis MLS Stadium

Role Safety Engineer I

Hometown Anaconda, Montana 

School Montana Technological University (formerly known as Montana Tech

Fun fact I’m ambidextrous 

What are you excited for in 2021? I’m excited to see the progression of the stadium and how everything starts to come together, it’s changing so rapidly right now. This has been a very fun project to learn from.

What’s one thing you’ve learned since starting with Mortenson? Mortenson has taught me the value of creating relationships, not only in the office but more importantly in the field. 

How do you approach your job differently than those around you? I think that because I am still learning, I try to understand the scopes of work very in depth before I can begin to apply safety in a plausible manner.

Why did you choose construction? My family owned a construction company in Montana, so I grew up in the industry and it’s held my attention every since. 

What do you hope to accomplish in your career at Mortenson and with our Sports group? Safety is an ever evolving field and I hope in my career with Mortenson I get to experience many different scopes of work that will allow me to come up with creative solutions to keep people safe. I think the Sports groups is unique in producing opportunities and challenges that you don’t normally get to see, which will also allow me to gain an exceptional amount of knowledge and advance my career in several different directions.