Seattle WOMEN Talk Leadership
By Kelsey Randolph


Seattle's Women of Mortenson Enrichment Network (WOMEN) met for their second quarter meeting this week to discuss the characteristics and skills of leadership. Kristin Jensen, Vice President of Development for Touchstone, and Mortenson’s customer for Hill7, Hilton Garden Inn, and Tilt49, was a guest speaker touching on topics in her life that provided leadership, confidence and networking.

Kristin spoke to her career journey starting as a young girl interested in building, her pursuit of a degree in architecture, to her current role as a leader in real estate development. She shared with the group some challenges along the way that made her reevaluate her role in the built environment, the people whom she networked with, and the benefits of networking. She wrapped up the afternoon answering questions about work-life integration and confidence.

"I am very grateful for the opportunities I've been given," said Kristin. "At the time I was unaware how important it was to have the women leaders in my life that I did, but now, with more experience I know how valuable and unique it was."

Seattle WOMEN is a group of Mortenson team members interested in furthering the careers of women at Mortenson. The group meets quarterly to focus on development skills, listen and network with speakers, take part in stewardship events, and share educational materials.

To continue their leadership growth, Seattle WOMEN participants were invited to read Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie. They will meet in July to discuss the book and how each person can apply their strengths to further develop their leadership style.