CentraCare Health: Embracing the “Six Dimensions of Wellness”

CentraCare Health is in the midst of building a new Wellness Center on their Long Prairie campus. The community is excited about the new center and the value it will bring to its residents. The thoughtful design is unique in that it reflects the six dimensions of wellness: occupational, social, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional.

“This project embodies the spirit of rural optimism that is crucial to keeping our community healthy, successful and inclusive, while providing opportunities of growth and betterment for all,” said Dan Swenson, Administrator of CentraCare Health – Long Prairie.

“We’re excited to continue our partnership with CentraCare Health and be a part of their strong mission of community health,” said Mike Labukas, Project Manager at Mortenson. “Community is truly at the heart of everything they do and all decisions they make, and I’m proud to be a part of it.” The 12,500 square foot center will provide programs, services and amenities designed to promote healthy lifestyles, enhance quality of life, and create better access to health and wellness for the 35,000 residents within a 20-mile radius of Long Prairie. Construction kicked-off at the end of August and anticipates opening in Spring 2019.

Learn more about the CentraCare Health Long Prairie Wellness Center and the “Six Dimensions of Wellness” model here.