WIC Week Inspiration - Yadira Garza, Crew Leader - Civil
Yadira Garza

Growing up in the small Texas town of Roma, Yadira chose to study Criminal Justice in pursuit of a law enforcement career. After receiving her associate degree, she understood how field experience would benefit her long-term goal of being a police officer. What she didn’t know is that it would lead her to an unexpected career change. 

Yadira was positioned as front security for a Mortenson project. Her exceptional work ethic was recognized, and she was offered a position with our Wind Energy Group as a tower cleaner. Initially, she thought of the challenges she would face in an extremely male-dominated field, but knew that hard work would present opportunities for advancement with the potential to travel. Yadira feels that accepting this position was the best decision she ever made.
“Clean energy work is fulfilling. The company is great with safety, trust and teamwork to get the task done. It provides a work environment where everyone can feel safe and respected.”
After a couple of months of hard work, she accepted a job in the Civil operating group. Yadira appreciates the opportunity to go into work with an open mind and come home happy. 

Her advice to women looking to excel is to ask questions, observe what is going on around you and don’t be afraid. You can learn by watching and listening to how others work.

“Surround yourself with positive people, work hard and give it your best - don’t let anyone tell you differently. Keep your head up, push through and you can overcome any obstacles put in your path if you set your mind to it.”