Mortenson Women Wielded Hammers & Drills to Help a St. Paul Somali Family Build a Home

A team of 15 women from Mortenson aided homebuyers Marian and Abdikani to do interior trim and finishing work on a house just north of Frogtown in St. Paul, Minnesota. Construction Executive Kelly Mansell led the Mortenson Women Build team along with women at Habitat for Humanity.

“Helping a family to improve their home and giving them a comfortable and safe place to live feels amazing” said Kelly. “I always enjoy these projects as it brings together women in the construction industry.”

Homebuyers Marian and Abdikani fled their native Somali in 1993 and moved to Minnesota where they could build good lives for themselves and for the family they planned. Today they have eight children. After living in a two-bedroom home with no heat, flooding when it rains, leaky ceilings, and almost no closet space, the family is looking forward to buying a healthy home to live in. “We thank all of the volunteers so much. We couldn’t be more thankful to all the volunteers who are making our dream come true” said Marian.

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