Women Leading The Way In Construction Of Seattle's New Arena
Women on site of Climate Pledge Arena

By King5, Chris Daniels

Article Excerpt:

It's fair to say there has never quite been a construction project like this one.

Tess Massaroni hands over a pair of earplugs and warns “it's loud."

The noise is deafening, on par with any rock concert at the old barn here. That's because of the water jets which serve as a “hydro demo” of the building that was once KeyArena.

"This is just a completely different engineering feat," said Ella Pilgrim, who moved here from Minnesota to help transform the Seattle Center grounds.

For these two women, the ringing in the eardrums is the sweet sound of progress at the site. As the site is transformed, Massaroni and Pilgrim are also trying to transform their workforce.

The project’s goal is to have women represent 7% of the overall workforce, which is about double the national average.

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