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Campuses of all sizes face the challenge of meeting program demands and attracting and retaining students and faculty. You want to create the best learning environment possible, with the right amenities and technology, but also flexible enough to accommodate growth and evolving needs.

Funding, budget constraints, and available space are all critical factors in planning your project. You want a partner experienced in higher education and K-12 school construction. Someone who helps you make the right decisions and investments for the future of your campus. Whether it's renovating a 100-year-old building or constructing classrooms from the ground up, there's no limit to what we can achieve together.


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We all have to adapt to ever-changing technology, and that includes education facilities. Modernizing campuses is a necessary investment if you want to grow with the rest of society and provide the best learning experience for current and future generations.

The Latest Education Construction News + Insights

campus construction disruption avoidance

Developing a Disruption Avoidance Plan

Campus renovations and construction are challenging to execute. Investing in logistical and disruption avoidance planning helps ensure a better and safer experience for stakeholders and end users.

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Minneapolis campus construction safety

How To Navigate Construction on Active Campuses

It takes a multi-pronged approach to minimize disruption and keep construction on schedule. Including these elements in your plan helps set you up for success.

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Minneapolis education campus construction

Tips To Set Your Construction Project up for Success

With the right strategy and an experienced design and construction team, you can ensure campus programs get what they need while maximizing your capital investments.

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The world is experiencing volatility at every level, and the real estate and construction industry is no different. It seems the only steady and consistent things are the relationships created based on collaboration and innovation. Together, we are driving solutions for K-12 and higher education construction in the face of volatility.

Minneapolis Education Construction Projects

Augustana University Residence Hall

Addressing Increased Student Housing Needs

Augustana University's multi-phased campus construction plan addresses needs for additional on-campus housing, along with infrastructure and parking upgrades.

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U of M Lind Hall

Reimagining Historic Campus Buildings

Renovating a century-old historic building helped the University of Minnesota's College of Science and Engineering create much needed space for its students and faculty.

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Blake Early Learning Center

Expanding and Renovating K-12 Campuses

A new Early Learning Center will provide The Blake School classroom space for pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade students. It's one of many projects spanning our 40-year partnership.

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Attracting new students in a competitive market requires having up-to-date campus facilities. Colleges and universities can face challenges in obtaining adequate funding for construction and renovation projects. For that reason, accurate cost estimating is critical in prioritizing project needs and getting the highest return on your capital investments.


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Construction projects are a big investment involving multiple stakeholders. As a trusted Minneapolis education construction company, our team guides you through each stage of the process to help you get the best results and ROI.

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