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Adventist Electrophysiology Lab / PortlandOR
How can thoughtful and experienced planning make a difference on your project?
The Adventist Electrophysiology Lab Remodel project consists of four (4) Cath Labs to be remodeled in four phases. The Electrophysiology (EP) Lab was constructed in an existing shell space that previously housed an IT training room. The EP room received new finishes including floor, ceiling, casework, several new doors, walls, a new scrub sink in the adjacent corridor, new floor-mounted equipment, and an equipment/lighting boom. The second room, the interventional Radiology (IR) room, was renovated with new floors, ceilings, casework, some re-working of existing walls, and new ceiling-mounted equipment. Finally, Cath Labs 1 and 2 (CVL 1 & CVL 2) received new floors, ceiling, counter laminate, and new floor-mounted equipment. All work was performed in an active, occupied hospital with no disruptions to patients or the Adventist care team.

Facts And Figures

Adventist Healthcare

Construction Start: Q1 2019

Construction Cost: $4 M

4,500 square feet

Completion Date: Q4 2019

Delivery Methods

With all the moving pieces in healthcare, it is reassuring to know that our partners at Mortenson protect and share our same vision of the patient as the center of care. Their attention to detail, safety and the customer relationship is exceptional. They have taken our complex building project, which through thoughtful and experienced planning, clear communication and timely execution, has become our future in saving lives and serving our community. Their expertise has taken the weight of the project off of our shoulders allowing us to focus on our roles as they do what they do best - build quality healthcare facilities. I cannot thank Mortenson Construction enough!

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