Box Elder Infrastructure
Box Elder Infrastructure Development / AuroraCO
Building the infrastructure to support future development.
The Box Elder Development is a 727-acre site of vacant land located in the City of Aurora, just south of Denver International Airport. The project is a reverse L-shaped parcel and is bound by 56th Avenue to the south, future Tibet and Denali Streets to the west, Denver International Airport and future 60th Ave to the north, and future Harvest Road to the east. 

The Phase 1 scope of work includes mass grading to support the first phase of vertical development, improvements along Second Creek (storm drainage, 30-inch regional sanitary service line, regional trail), and construction of 60th Avenue from future Coolidge to Harvest Road. 

The project involves coordination with multiple stakeholders, including HM Metropolitan District 1 (owner); DIBC Cargo, LLC ; DIBC 56th and E-470, LLC; L. C. Fulenwider, Inc., the City of Aurora; Adams County; Colorado Department of Environmental Health & Environment (30-inch regional sanitary sewer); and the Mile High Flood District (Second Creek drainage improvements).

There are several future phases to support the 727-acre site. The project is expected to eventually include warehouse & industrial distribution, mixed-use, light manufacturing, high-tech industrial, commercial, retail, and hospitality.

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