Data Center Construction
Confidential Tier III Data Center / Chicago AreaIL
How do you save money when you are always powered on?

A true partnership in delivering a world-class enterprise data center. When this Fortune 100 customer expressed interest in Kyoto Cooling, our MEP team did a complete engineering study and evaluation of the technology to ensure it would meet their expressed needs. Our team made necessary modifications to the system to ensure it would not only perform as expected but meet necessary agency approvals for use in the United States. 

Unique solutions were the norm during this project. For example, when the utility company began construction of the electrical service, our customers found their offering was not optimal for their needs. They turned to Mortenson's specialized High Voltage Transmission team to design, source, and install more appropriate substation transformers. The result was a reversal of what would have been a delay, into 1-month schedule savings.

LEED Silver Facility

Mortenson also conducted an in-depth study on various data center distribution voltages to assist our customers in selecting the best option for our customer's stated return on investment (ROI) goals. This LEED Silver designed facility has an average PUE of 1.18.

Facts And Figures

Completed December 2013

188,984 square feet

25,000 gross square feet white floor space

Tier III

Delivery Methods

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