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How many buildings are needed for a maintenance facility?

The Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities project was a design-build project that consisted of six buildings and were located only 70-feet behind the Company Operations Facility. The TEMF buildings provided maintenance for the equipment the 4th Infantry Division to complete their mission. These buildings were built to have a "similar function as a heavy equipment/vehicle maintenance garage in the civilian sector."

The six buildings comprised of two main functional areas: the repair bays consisting of repair and maintenance areas, and the core areas, which included administrative rooms, training rooms, tool rooms and workshops, weapons and communication vaults, and restrooms. The core area was constructed over two floors. The repair area was double-volume and equipped with overhead traveling bridge cranes, a fluid distribution system, compressed air, and an exhaust extraction system. The total footprint for the six building was 176,500 square feet.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Completed February 2011


176,500 square feet

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