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Fort Hood Usace Company Operations Facility / Fort HoodTX
What can pre-engineered metal hardstands do?

Totaling over 88,500 square feet, this project involved the design and construction of two company operations facilities (COFs) at Fort Hood, Texas. Patriot Pure, the larger of the two COFs, was designed to accommodate six companies. It includes a two-story administration module, two readiness modules, and two covered hardstands. The Headquarters and Headquarters Battery Air Defense Artillery (HHB ADA) COF is a smaller building and accommodates one company. It consists of an administration module integrated with a readiness module and covered hardstand. In both buildings, the administration modules house company offices, conference and training rooms, storage areas, and mechanical/electrical rooms. The readiness modules include space for pre-deployment preparation, training, maintenance activities, combat equipment storage, and TA-50 lockers. Pre-engineered metal hardstands provide sheltered space for equipment staging.

This project was designed to be USGBC LEED Silver certifiable.

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Fort Worth District USACE

Completed October 2011


88,574 square feet

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