Fort McNair Building 60 exterior
Building 60 Renovation / Fort McNairWashington, D.C.
Renovating a 100-year-old officers’ club to a modern education facility.

Building 60 (B60) is a historic masonry structure originally designed in 1905 by McKim, Mead and White as the Officer’s Club for the U.S. Army on Fort McNair in Washington D.C. The goal of the project was to restore and repurpose the building into a state-of-the-art education facility and grand assembly for the Inter American Defense College (IADC) to meet facilitative needs for a 50-year life expectancy. 

The project scope required extensive mold remediation, new mechanical systems, new fire protection systems, new electrical systems, new architectural finishes, historic element restoration, and building envelope repairs while respecting the original historic character. The new interior system features classrooms, offices, multifunctional conferencing, and recreational spaces.

The design-build approach fostered the seamless integration of streamlined processes and encouraged innovative practices in both design and construction execution. Laser scanning technology was utilized in the early stages of the design process to capture the existing conditions of the building, which were then incorporated into the design documents. Subsequently, the same point cloud was utilized for virtual construction coordination during the construction phase.

Building 60 stands as a symbol of pride for the Fort McNair community, a U.S. military base that has been serving the country for over 200 years. From the inception of the project, B60 was envisioned as a celebratory meeting place for the local community, and a learning place for leaders across the world. With the new renovations, B60 enhances the IADC mission with increased utilization function, and operates as a venue that will serve both professional and social needs of the Fort McNair community. The spaces will be rented at a low cost by the community for various events ranging from promotions, retirement ceremonies, weddings, and conferences. From the lawns and porches of B60, the views of the Potomac River and blooming cherry blossom trees make this venue a highly sought-after space.  

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Completed November 2022

2023 DBIA Mid-Atlantic Regional Award Winning Project (Award of Excellence - Buildings/Facilities, Best in Teaming, Best in Design Excellence - Architecture)

2023 DBIA National Merit Award Winning Project

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