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Can a transition barrack be built to minimize travel distances for soldiers to heal?

This project involved the design and construction of two four-story Warrior in Transition (WT) barracks buildings to provide lodging for soldiers recently released from a medical care facility and in recovery status for further evaluation. Building One, configured in a “horseshoe” plan, surrounds a central courtyard with site amenities. Building Two, with a rectangular plan, completes the courtyard enclosure. Accommodating 408 soldiers, the two buildings together provide over 241,000 square feet of residential space. Special attention has been given to minimizing travel distances and providing attractive common spaces where soldiers can interact with each other and with visitors. The arrangement of the living units in the barracks is comparable to a multistory apartment complex and is intended to evoke a sense of “home away from home” for soldiers.

The site also includes a central courtyard with covered pavilions, plaza areas, landscaping, seating walls, picnic tables, and barbecue facilities. These amenities create a positive residential environment and provide outdoor assembly and recreational areas for social interaction. Covered walkways allow conveniently and protected access from any point in the barracks to parking areas and to other adjacent buildings, including the Madigan Army Medical Center and the Soldier and Family Assistance Center. Building 1 is USGBC LEED Silver certified and Building 2 is LEED Gold certified. The project complies with Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) requirements. 

Facts And Figures

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District

Completed June 2011


241,700 square feet

LEED Certified - Silver (Larger Building)

LEED Certified - Gold (Smaller Building)

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