Missile Support Facility
P-287 Missile Support Facility Addition / DahlgrenVA
Who can build top-secret facilities for the government?

This project involves the design and construction of a new 65,243 SF low-rise Missile Support Facility Replacement as an addition to the submarine-launched ballistic missile laboratory. The addition will provide secure computational and analysis laboratory space, unique fleet weapon control systems, and technical office space. Additional scope renovates 5,623 SF of the existing missile laboratory to allow access to the new building addition and better utilize existing raised‐flooring laboratory space. The facility will be constructed with a structural steel frame with rough texture architectural concrete masonry unit block exterior.

The site includes a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)‐level construction for the CAA. This project provides Anti‐Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) features and complies with AT/FP regulations and physical security mitigation in accordance with DoD Minimum Anti‐Terrorism Standards.

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NAVFAC Washington

Completed June 2018


65,243 square feet

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