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Mortenson Oregon Office Remodel / PortlandOR
What does an office renovation in a historic warehouse look like?

Mortenson has been working in Oregon for over 30 years, and officially opened an office to support their construction activities in 2012. Resident Mortenson Superintendent Blake Haldeman led the charge on remodeling a bare-bones office space within Portland's historic Crane building. The renovated offices, located in the heart of Portland's Pearl District, are 13,000 square feet with interesting touches at every turn. The Crane Building, designed in the American Movement Commercial Style, was built in 1909 as an office, sales center, and warehouse for the Crane Plumbing Company. As part of the renovation, Mortenson reclaimed wood from a 100-year-old barn in Colton, Oregon, and repurposed it for the office’s workspaces and trim. Mortenson focused on honoring the character and essence of both the Crane building and the Colton barn into the new space. 

Mortenson Oregon Office Features:

  • Reclaimed barn wood was repurposed into cabinetry, work stations, welcome desk, bike rack, and an art timeline wall. Some of the wood also serves as focal piece wood-walls in conference rooms.
  • Wood species used in the office include Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, and Ponderosa pine.
  • Douglas Fir barn raters were re-purposed as baseboards.
  • Office also features an antique refrigerator door from the mid-1920s, with hinges designed by Paul Daemicke, found in the basement of a salvage store in Aurora.
  • An antique crosscut saw found in the Colton Barn is displayed in the office training room.
  • A conference room table was constructed using an 1890’s door from an estate on Portland’s east side.
  • Each conference room is named for a Portland bridge, with a matching etch on the glass.
  • Stepping off the elevator, the office welcomes you in with a mural that features the misty trees of Oregon (Painted by April Mehls).
  • Exposed brick and large industrial windows and lighting add character to the office space.
  • Brick painting in kitchenette matches that of the original building signage on the first Mortenson office.
  • Barn tin and shiplap were also repurposed into the new Mortenson space.

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9,000 square foot office remodel

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