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How do you build one of the largest energy storage projects in Texas?

Mortenson was the EPC contractor for Spearmint Energy’s 150 megawatt, 300 megawatt-hour battery energy storage project in West Texas. Mortenson designed and built the battery storage facility, substation, and transmission line connecting the project to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid.  

Revolution is one of the largest energy storage projects in Texas and has commenced commercial operation to support a low-cost, clean, and resilient grid for homes and businesses throughout ERCOT.  

The project utilizes a 2-hour Sungrow PowerTitan Series battery energy storage system. The PowerTitan is a liquid-cooled energy storage system, which uses lithium iron phosphate battery cells. 

A workforce of 34 Mortenson craft team members and trade partners contributed approximately 42,000 working hours to install 134 battery containers containing 6,432 Sungrow battery modules, as well as 45 power conversion system (PCS) units, at Revolution. Revolution was completed on schedule, within budget, and 100% injury-free. 

Mortenson facilitated Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) compliance for Spearmint on the Revolution energy storage project. Spearmint closed a $92 million tax equity investment in Revolution provided by Greenprint Capital Management, marking one of the first applications of the Investment Tax Credit structure for a standalone battery energy storage system following the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act

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