UW Medical Center operating room
UW Medical Center Expansion Phase II  / SeattleWA
Elevating Wellness to Uncharted Peaks

The $130 million multi-phased expansion and modernization initiative at the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) campus is tailored to meet the hospital’s growing demands while simultaneously elevating the overall patient care experience. Implemented under Washington State’s GC/CM contracting method, the project spans over 200,000 square feet, encompassing extensive interior build-out and significant renovations in key operational areas.

Within UWMC, patients and staff benefit from access to 28 renovated and 32 newly constructed spacious, well-lit private medical and surgery rooms, equipped with cutting-edge medical technology. The project includes the successful completion of a 30,000-square-foot Intensive Care Unit (ICU) directly above the fully operational neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), featuring 48 expansive ICU rooms with modern equipment for optimal patient care. The multi-phased endeavor also introduces 11 high-ceilinged operating rooms, including 3 hybrid operating rooms, and 41 pristine pre/post-operating rooms. Notably, upgrades to the campus mechanical systems enhance the project’s comprehensive scope.

This intricate project involved substantial construction renovations within an operational patient care environment, necessitating meticulous early planning to anticipate logistical challenges. Despite complications with the existing layout, the team achieved the total buildout of the new 30,000-square-foot ICU directly above the fully operational NICU. The success was attributed to comprehensive planning, a phased approach, and ongoing communication with NICU staff, ensuring the renovation was completed ahead of schedule with zero unplanned disruptions. The project reached substantial completion in February 2018.

Facts And Figures


178,271 SF

32 new private med/surg rooms

48 new ICU rooms

11 ORs

3 Hybrid ORs

41 pre/post-op rooms

Delivery Methods

This is the most complicated project we have ever worked on. Every team member should be proud that we accomplished our goal and finished our project.

The Team