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Wilkinson Solar Installation in North Carolina / PinetownNC
How do you produce more energy with the same number of solar panels?

One of the Largest Solar Installations in North Carolina

Built on 618 acres, the 96 MWdc Wilkinson Solar project located in Pinetown, North Carolina is one of the largest solar installations in the state. Originally swamp land, drainage ditches and canals had previously been installed to convert the land to farmland — making the site unique compared with the mass grading used on most solar projects. This conversion made specific solutions necessary in order to utilize the site, including installation of crossings to allow travel across the ditches. These ditches ultimately simplified construction of the facility, as well as O&M after commissioning.  

This project utilized over 250,000 bifacial modules — a technology first for our project team at the time — and created 500 jobs at peak construction.

Facts And Figures

Completed December 2019
96.0 MWdc
Single-Axis Tracking

Delivery Methods

Engineer, Procure and Construct

The Team