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Aaron Calhoon
Director of Operations | Denver

As Director of Operations, Aaron is responsible for oversight and leadership to ensure projects are properly staffed, expectations are clearly understood, and customer satisfaction is achieved. He enhances customer relationships through effective communication and service. Aaron is a true builder, an active mentor and coach, and very passionate about achieving operational excellence and ensuring all work is planned and completed safely. 

Supporting a New Generation of Builders 

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects over the course of my career – from small projects to billion-dollar stadium projects that require years of planning and execution. This range of experience helps me support project teams to optimize the building process. In addition to my focus on continuous improvement of our delivered product, I care deeply about helping our team members grow as professionals and advance their careers. I’ve had the benefit of great mentors and I believe in passing on what I’ve learned. 

Aaron Calhoon 
Aaron Calhoon

Creating True Partnerships 

At Mortenson, we pride ourselves on truly forming a deep, meaningful understanding of our clients and what they want. We’re partners, helping them make smart decisions for their business. They know we’ll look out for them and customize solutions to their needs. Our constant focus on making sure our teams reflect the communities and the clients we serve means they can count on a diverse range of perspectives at the table. The result is a far superior customer experience. 

Building in Flexibility 

The construction industry is often perceived as rigid and old-fashioned, but at Mortenson we know that the best way to build better is to stay flexible. The different experiences our team members bring to each project mean that we are flush with both expertise and new ideas. To capitalize on these ideas, we have to be willing to try new things and challenge ourselves and each other to change in beneficial new ways. The level of adaptability we bring to our work is a true differentiator for us in the market. 

Aaron Calhoon 

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