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For me, great leadership is grounded in transparency and good communication. Taking the time to explain the “why,” builds trust across the team and empowers success.

A Listen-First Culture

As we continue to expand our footprint in Nashville, we are dedicated to cultivating a culture rooted in southern hospitality. Having grown up in the South, it’s part of who I am. I strive to create a friendly and warm environment. It’s critical for us to learn from each other to build upon a place that is authentically Nashville. Together, we can bring a fresh lens to the development and construction market.

Brady and family on Broadway Downtown Nashville
Brady and wife in front of Hyatt Place Phoenix

Bridging the Gap for a More Seamless Experience

Having a background in architecture, real estate development and construction has allowed me to drive faster results, eliminating design churn and risk. When we are at the table early, I can guide customers and design partners, through what is usually a fragmented process, to the best solution with certainty. One of my biggest strengths is analyzing sites, uncovering innovative opportunities others overlook, and driving programmatic efficiencies.

Redefining the Industry with Innovative Solutions

I am an advocate for constantly asking the question, "what if?" To transform the industry, we need to constantly challenge the status quo, explore innovative solutions, and leverage technology. In recent years, I have spearheaded the use of generative design at Mortenson to quickly iterate design solutions, inclusive of revenue and cost components, to deliver designs that maximize ROI for our customers.

Brady and family at GEODIS Park Nashville SC


Being back in the South, I am thrilled to call Nashville home. It’s exciting to raise my family and immerse them in the city's vibrant music and arts scene. I also enjoy off-roading, fixing up my historic Nashville craftsman home, and exploring the regional lakes with friends and family.

Leading innovation through generative design and prefabrication.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

20 years

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