Ellsworth Adhesives
Ellsworth Adhesives Distribution Center / RenoNV
How do you better support your post-acquisition integration efforts?

Upon selection, Mortenson performed a real estate assessment and market analysis of various out-of-state locations to establish a plan moving forward. We then worked with Ellsworth Adhesives on site selection, entitlements, programming and design – all with meaningful guarantees on total project cost and exact delivery dates – to deliver the new industrial manufacturing facility. 

Ellsworth Adhesives, headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin, is a global leader and distributor of specialty chemicals and equipment. Once the firm acquired Moldman, a provider of low-pressure injection molding machines, their focus was on energy efficiency, a small machine footprint and completed parts derived from mold sets. Due to the acquisition of Moldman, the new facility required additional manufacturing space to support the ability to assemble Moldman’s products and their components. This grew the original scope from approximately 110,000 square feet to nearly 160,000 square feet. 

The facility is located on a fully developed ten acre site and features a two-story executive office, demonstration lab, assembly area, distribution space and cold storage to keep the industrial-grade adhesives at an optimal temperature. Also installed in the facility is a kit locker. With RFID capabilities, the kit locker essentially acts as a smart, programmable vending machine that allows employees to take a product when they need it and then the locker sends inventory data back to headquarters.

Facts And Figures

Ellsworth Adhesives

160,000 Square Feet

Completion: May 2019

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