Brian Chapman
Senior Project Manager | Seattle

Brian started his career in the construction industry as a laborer while in high school, where he acquired valuable construction skills and developed a passion for the industry. After completing several internships during his college years, he graduated with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan. 

Brian maintains a consistent focus on excellent communication with all project stakeholders to ensure an exceptional client experience. He adeptly manages project finances and works together with owners, subcontractors, and crew to prevent disruptions, especially in critical environments. Brian firmly believes in the power of teamwork, which is rooted in his mission. He draws on his experience in team sports and applies the same principles to construction projects. His approach to a collective effort and a team-oriented approach fosters cohesion and synergy among all team members, ultimately driving projects to success. Brian appreciates the transformative impact on communities that projects have.

Looking ahead, Brian is excited about the innovations reshaping the construction industry, particularly the advancements in pre-fabricated construction and the continued evolution of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). He sees these developments as key drivers for efficiency and progress in the field, fueling his enthusiasm for what lies ahead. 

Apart from work, Brian has a great passion for sports, especially hockey. He plays adult league hockey in the Kraken Hockey League (KHL). When he's not hitting the ice, he enjoys supporting the University of Michigan athletics, cooking, attending concerts, and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and overlanding. Additionally, he likes to take on home improvement projects and travel in his free time.

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