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Brian Holland
Director of Business Development | Denver

As the Director of Business Development, Brian is a key member of the Denver Office Leadership Team, providing oversight and direction for all strategic ventures and work acquisition for Mortenson. Brian ensures that projects are properly staffed and the owner’s expectations are fully met. His leadership is based on a long and successful track record in the industry that includes several large, world-class projects. Trust, communication, and commitment to meeting customer expectations are his most important attributes.

Leading by example

More than 20 years of construction management and project development experience has taught me that great leaders must be adaptable to change, particularly given the fast-paced nature of the modern marketplace and the shifting landscape of the construction industry. At Mortenson, we emphasize the ongoing development of leaders to promote staying flexible as well as lifelong learning and the understanding that even leaders can still gain new knowledge or skillsets.

Brian Holland
Brian Holland

Partnering for the future

At Mortenson, we’re redefining our position in the industry to serve as a true partner to our customers rather than just a service provider. Our holistic approach allows us to react in advance of problems, thanks to a broader view of each project. We go beyond construction to maximize business outcomes for customers. Early on in the project process, we set goals as a team, that includes the customer, the design team and the operations team to ensure the best possible project outcomes for our clients now, while also setting them up for success down the road.

Setting the tone for positive outcomes

Our company culture at Mortenson guides us by inherently setting the culture to promote positive outcomes.  We strive to carry this tone and messaging for our project teams on every job site. We believe in the importance of pausing during our decision-making to ensure we’re charting a correct path. Being empowered to do the right thing allows us to solve problems, develop teams and execute our plans without second-guessing the approach.

Brian Holland

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