Dillon Reller
Project Manager | Seattle

Dillon is a dedicated project team leader passionate about collaborating with others to create a successful and commemorative project experience. As a seasoned senior project manager, Dillon makes it his mission to support our customers through the entirety of the construction process and ultimately turn over a perfect building that functions for the client's needs and stands the test of time. Using his communication and fine listening skills, Dillon ensures the relaying of clear and accurate information from our clients straight to our craft team members. He challenges himself to be an innovative and strategic thinker on the job and encourages those around him to push the envelope on project design and construction. He is responsible for overseeing a project's safety, quality, financials, and schedule. Utilizing his communication, team coordination, and innovative problem-solving skills, Dillon continues to excel within his role, guiding his team to a successful turnover for each new project.

Dillon's favorite part about his job is tackling the daily obstacles that arise. Each day brings a different challenge, and he likes solving these new issues collaboratively with his team. He also finds joy in interacting with new people, whether it be new team members, customers, or consultants. Knowing that all great projects come together with even better teams, Dillon values all the strong relationships he can form with those around him. Dillon looks forward to developing and exploring new construction methods using safer, higher quality, lean practices. Dillon recognizes the potential for growth within the industry and is eager to witness it as an enthusiastic professional. Dillon received his Bachelor's in construction engineering technology from Montana State University and later joined Mortenson's Seattle office in 2015.

Outside of work, you'll find Dillon enjoying himself doing just about anything outdoors in the sun. He loves being on the water surfing, wakeboarding, and foil boarding during the summer and spending as much time as possible with friends and family.

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