Citizen M Seattle
citizenM Hotel Seattle / Downtown SeattleWA
How do you build a stackable modular hotel in Seattle?

Designed for the business traveler and adventurer, this European hotel brand takes a different spin on hospitality. The rooms are small, the width of the king bed, and only 160sf. However, they are built to high luxury brand standards with the latest in technology. Each room has its own tablet that controls the lights, TV, window shades, and even a wake-up alarm where the lights and TV turn on to wake you up. Additionally, the tablets allow guests to track the hotel’s real-time sustainability performance.

citizenM doesn’t believe in the add-on costs, so all movies and WiFi are free, and there’s no one to tip. citizenM hotels are designed for the traveling citizen in mind. They have a self-check-in station in the lobby. With a full-service bar and all-day bites of food available to hotel guests, the lobby area is designed to be a place to hang out, work, or meet business clients.

All 264 guestrooms were prefabricated offsite in a European manufacturing facility before being transported to the Port of Seattle on a private ship. citizenM’s modular experience has shown that the duration of construction is typically reduced by three months compared to traditional building methods, significantly reducing pollution associated with construction. Prefabricating guestrooms in a controlled factory environment also improves the quality of the buildout while reducing construction waste by 60 percent.

The project team achieved LEED Gold certification.

Facts And Figures

$50+ million

264 rooms

89,300 square feet

The Team