Greg Huber


The right culture is the single most important thing in a business or on a project.

A leap of trust 

The best customer relationships are based on trust. Construction can be a scary and uncertain venture, so we take immense pride in proving that we are worth taking the leap of trust for. We will deliver on our promises and act as an extension of your business. We’re not only concerned about your building; we also look at the core drivers of your business. We routinely leverage the depth and breadth of our organization to provide unique solutions. Whether it's using innovative materials, leading-edge systems, or never-seen-before complexity, we will work tirelessly to help you and your business grow and succeed!



Teamwork by design

An entire team pulling in the same direction is a powerful thing. That doesn’t happen by accident on our projects. To help ensure success, every project begins with effective team alignment. A collaborative and strong team can challenge each other and bring their best ideas and solutions to the table. I've had the opportunity to be on great project teams who closely collaborate and deliver on their promises—all the way from top building ownership to the apprentices in the field. At the end of the project, we all deliver our clients a better facility at a lower price when we leverage the value of teamwork.

Elevating careers and businesses

At Mortenson, we care about being great neighbors and making a lasting impact where we work and live. We're extremely fortunate to do what we do and feel it's only right to be a strong voice for the benefit of our communities. We've worked to promote our trades and provide opportunities for people to find long-term, fulfilling careers in construction. It's not just about one project, it's about launching careers that change lives! We also want to help small businesses grow and add major projects to their resumes. These projects can supply mentorships, advance business techniques, and open opportunities to scale businesses and boost marketability.  



I’m passionate about the Mortenson culture and the values we demonstrate every day. They teach us to lead with a culture of genuine caring and to treat each other like family. No matter how large our organization has grown, we have remained centered on the fact that we are a family-owned company, and we work hard to remember our roots.

I've seen first-hand how our top leaders take the time to hand-write a note, make a call, and simply inspire others when we need it. The only choice that I have is to do the same! Culture isn't something you can write down on a board—it's something you feel. It's a momentum thing—good or bad. It's something that you see in people and how they handle tough situations. I'm really proud to be a part of the culture we've built here at Mortenson.


  • Traveling
  • Fishing and boating
  • Spending time with family

North Dakota

21 years

Being part of an amazing team that delivered a fantastic facility (MN Senate Building), at a low cost, that will ultimately enhance collaboration in government and lead to better outcomes for Minnesota citizens.

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