Wind energy project


When it comes to efficiency, there is no finish line. We can always strive to be exceptional.

Anthony Pflipsen

Our evolving industry

Since I started my career 16 years ago, the greatest challenge I have seen the industry face is continuing to be one of the affordable sources of clean energy. I look forward to seeing Mortenson’s ability to be an all-in technology option across the renewables environment. We create an exceptional customer experience by ensuring the end product is specifically catered to the customer’s needs.

Mortenson’s culture

The culture at Mortenson has been established to lead team members to always “do the right thing” and treat others with respect and kindness. I’m most proud of taking our teams to communities that have seen better times and making a difference.

Leaders need to be flexible today as we see the workforce constantly changing. Those who don’t adapt will be left behind. What is unique about the leadership at Mortenson is that everyone, no matter what their title is, has the opportunity to have their voice heard.


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