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Success in the wind energy industry is driven by collaborative relationships, lean innovation, delivery of high-quality assets and a commitment to safety. 

Our EPC/BOP capabilities include:

  • Site work, access roads, excavation and mass grading
  • Foundation installation
  • Turbine erection
  • Collection system design and installation
  • Substation, transmission line and interconnection design and installation
  • Repowering

Preconstruction Services

Our significant resources along with the level of expertise we bring to development and preconstruction services are what make us stand out in the wind industry. We strive to create an exceptional customer experience by helping you plan and budget effectively, mitigate risks and fully optimize your project. Engage our team of dedicated preconstruction experts early to ensure a successful project outcome. 

Preconstruction services include:

  • Budgetary EPC Pricing
  • Layout Optimization
  • Technical Support for Development
  • Project Scheduling 
  • Engineering and Design
  • Major Equipment Procurement

Wind Preconstruction

Executing with Precision

Project challenges are a given. Project success is not. Our team of dedicated professionals openly collaborate and leverage 27 years of wind expertise to identify and overcome project risks. Robust project plans become the roadmap for precise field execution that results in quality, schedule and cost certainty. Our self-perform capabilities, coupled with 68 years of construction experience, have allowed us to meet our commitments to the customer on more than 230 wind projects.

Innovations and Insights

As the industry embraces the trend toward large scale turbines, we are leading the way by developing innovative designs and installation methods to increase the cost-effectiveness and safety of this new technology. We are helping developers and owners create high-performing generation assets by providing innovative tools, EPC insights and project optimization:

Innovations and Insights

Let's reimagine the possibilities of energy, together.