Average Savings of 28% on PPE Spending with Material Vending Machines

The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center, new home of the Milwaukee Bucks, is Mortenson’s first project to pilot vending machines on a construction site. Vending machines have been used for several years in manufacturing settings with a proven track record of improving user experience while reducing overall spending for the company.

The project currently has four vending machines located in a conex at the entrance of the jobsite. With the installation of the vending machines, the project was able to reduce repetitive ordering, provide items at time of need, and reduce their spending on PPE by 28 percent. 

Bringing repetitive supplies such as batteries, drill bits, blades, tool lanyards, and small hand tools directly to the jobsite has increased productivity. Product is readily available to team members, eliminating the need to track down supervisors for supplies or wait for consumable material to be delivered. The distributor monitors inventory online and travels to the jobsite as often as necessary to make sure the machines are always stocked. No paperwork or labor is required by Mortenson team members. Vended items can be easily switched out and substituted as the project scope advances and the seasons change.

Although product is easily accessible, usage is controlled and tracked as team members are required to use their ID cards to access the machines. If a team member's vending selection is authorized, the item is released and the transaction detail is recorded – who, what, and when. Because the system is web-based, managers can view detailed usage activity in real time on their PCs or smart phones.