Brian Boe | Senior Superintendent
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Brian Boe
Image Description: Brian Boe (far left) poses with project team members during a food drive event.


Brian is one of our most tenured superintendents and has worked at Mortenson for over 20 years. His days are spent leading field operations onsite, including trade partner supervision, coordinating self-performed work, managing schedules, and expediting materials. He also oversees site-specific safety plans and develops detailed phasing, disruption avoidance, and site logistics plans to ensure the team executes construction to perfection.

Throughout his career, he has been engaged in some our most complex and culturally significant projects, including the Target Center Renovation, Augustana University Ralph H. Wagoner Residence Hall, Discovery Square, Walker Art Center Expansion and Huntington Bank Stadium.

We recently sat down with Brian to talk about his successful career at Mortenson.

When applying at Mortenson, what did you find most exciting about the company/position?

Brian: Mortenson visited my college to recruit upcoming graduates. At the time, I didn't know much about the company, other than Mortenson being a Minneapolis-based general contractor. After meeting with various leaders to discuss career opportunities, it was evident right away that they were interested in finding the fit that was best for me, not them.

Did Mortenson live up to the messaging that you heard during the hiring process

Brian: Absolutely! At the time, Mortenson was serving diverse markets and there were many opportunities available to me. There are even more options available today, and I am excited for the vast number of opportunities that new team members have when they join Mortenson.

What would you say to someone considering a career at Mortenson?

Brian: The opportunities are here, as long as you are willing to reach out for them. I have traveled to other cities and worked alongside a lot of different contractors over the years. Mortenson is different because our values are different. Mortenson treats their employees with respect and provides the guidance necessary to set them up for success.

There is a unique family feel here, and you are welcomed with open arms from people that care about you and your personal and professional growth. My peers are genuinely interested in me, my career, how my family is, and what I did last weekend. We care for one another and that culture bleeds into everything we do.

Mortenson treats its employees with respect and provides the guidance necessary to set them up for success.

Do you feel that Mortenson leaders are invested in your career development?

Brian: Mortenson has invested in my career development in many ways. Some were not evident to me right away, but as time passed, the plans of our leaders took shape. I started my career on a project management track, and 13 years ago I was asked if I wanted an opportunity to switch roles and support projects as a superintendent.

Leaders saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. That pivot was one of the best moves I made in my career. Placing me in situations with others that have strengths that I lack (or weaknesses that others had where I excel) is another example of how our leaders not only develop and provide opportunities for me but help others as well.

What keeps you working at Mortenson?

Brian: What motivates me and drives me to stay with Mortenson are the opportunities that they provide. Opportunities for advancement, opportunities to learn and try new things, opportunities to meet new people. Mortenson's check-ins and career discussions allow you the opportunity to express to others what motivates you—and they listen.

Brian Boe

Brian Boe joined Mortenson straight out of college and has worked at the company for over 20 years. Working across diverse markets has provided him the opportunity to be part of several large and notable construction projects, including the Target Center Renovation and Walker Art Center Expansion in Minneapolis.

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