GEODIS Park Community Empowerment Report
Transforming Communities Through Economic Inclusion

The GEODIS Park stadium construction team prioritized strengthening the local economy and providing opportunities for people who live and work in the Nashville metropolitan area. Representing all segments of the community meant focusing heavily on opportunities for women and people of color, and small, minority- and women-owned businesses. Contracting local businesses in Nashville and Davidson County was also a priority.

Mortenson and our joint venture partner, Messer, worked with Pinnacle Construction Partners and Business Resource Group to ensure workforce equity and inclusion at all levels. Their involvement helped drive diverse business participation and ensure accountability, allowing us to deliver on our promise of success.

These collaborative efforts resulted in meaningful, long-lasting benefits for the people of Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee.

Local and Diverse Business Participation

The GEODIS Park stadium construction project had a diverse business goal of 30% per the Metropolitan Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (Metro BAO).

By working diligently to maximize diverse business recruitment at all levels, the team exceeded this goal with 36% diverse business participation.

Diverse businesses received $75.8 million in sports facility construction contracts. Of that amount, $6.7 million was awarded to 10 small businesses and $69 million awarded to 71 women-owned and minority-owned firms. Additionally, 27 of the 81 diverse businesses involved in the stadium build were local to Davidson County.

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Empowering People and Communities

Together, owners and sports stadium builders can make a lasting impact on people and communities. See how community empowerment has transformed the people, businesses, and communities involved in Mortenson stadium construction projects.